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Ellis decK 4th Edition ****OUTSIDE US & CANADA ONLY****


This listing is for people outside the US & Canada looking to order the Ellis decK that cannot be fulfilled by Amazon. If you live in the United States or Canada, please visit Amazon.com to buy the deck. (Unless you just want to pay extra for shipping - As an artist, I could probably use the money)****

This deck comes in a durable rigid box, with 78 different images depicting the archetypes of the Tarot with original artwork. Included are instructions to "quick start" the fledgling Tarot reader and keyword card explanations organized into two separate charts.

Use the brilliantly-colored fantasy imagery of this Rider Waite Smith-inspired deck to give adventure to your readings.


***Please include the best email address to reach you in case I need to verify your address for proper shipping!

***Please allow international (outside the U.S.) orders and orders to remote areas 3-4 weeks from shipping date for delivery

***ellistrations.net cannot guarantee the delivery standards of the postal services.